Adhoc itinerary so far..

I have booked the first three farms with WWOOF Korea

1. Farm in Busan - I will have access to places like Haeundae and Gwanganri beach. I will be doing paddy farming (same like in Chiba, Japan) and looking after cattle. Kekeke..I never even raise a cattle in Malaysia. My father would LOL at me!

Why I shoot to Busan instead of Seoul? Because the Busan Jagalchi Festival will be around 18th October, so right after I finish Wwoofing here I will be taking a 1 or 2 days checking out Busan city and meet some of my friends there.

2. Farm in Jeollanam-do - After the Busan Jagalchi Festival , will check out the Gwangju Kimchi Festival. Then will be Wwoofing at this farm to help them harvest paddy, potatoes, cabbage , pear etc. Some people inform me that Jeollanam-do's cuisine is amazing. Kimchi and Cornbread are raving about it. I'm curious!

Then early November, I will go up to Seoul cause a few Malaysians friends coming. We will paint the Seoul city red + Nami Island + Seorak Mountain.

3. Farm in Daejeon - One of my friends' wishes is to board the bullet train. I am not that fancy of it since I have tried the one in Japan for a few times going to Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima. It would just feel the same, I guess. But for the sake of testing a different ground, we would try the KTX from Seoul to Daejeon. After that both of us will be wwoofing near Daejeon.

Once my friends return to Malaysia, I will be checking out the other farms in Gangwon-do or Gyeonggi-do. I'm not entirely sure yet. Maybe I might go to Gangwon-do, because that is Kim Heechul's hometown. Hahah..what a lame excuse! But Gangwon-do's scenery is just pretty (I love autumn) and I'm dying to test out snowboarding. Will my bones endure the extreme cold? But the sight of a man snow-boarding is just too damn cool! Will it be nerve wrecking? I can't wait!

Picture by Stewart =W=
I love how the word 'option' shown under the board. It's so captivating! Breathtaking picture! Imagining myself chilling out like that..hehe.