My WWOOF Card!!

Just received a parcel from WWOOF Korea for my organic farming thingy! Jade has mailed me

WWOOF book, membership card, her business card, Korea travel book and Korea tourism brochure.

Here is my membership card:

Sorry guys, I can't scan the content of the WWOOF book in here. That's something that you need to register as a member before you can get the book.^^

I'm gonna email Jade my first 3 farms that I am interested in after this. Can't wait to WWOOFing.

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Danielle said…

I'm curious why you blacked out your birthday?
Zarina BT2K said…
Ahahah..Danielle, I am definitely an 'ahjumma' to be doing all this at this age.^^
Sara said…
hi! I just discovered ur blog today, & so glad i did! Just for confirmation, so basically you work for wwoof for exchange of food & accommodation right? so is it safe for me to assume that i only have to bring my clothes and some stuffs and only have some cash?

Please reply ^^ I'm really excited with this wwoof, never heard of it before but i've been imagining this kind of thing; working & blending with different cultures. Hope to do this after i graduate later while waiting to enter the working world