I am not a perfect blogger

Heck..I have not accessed my gmail since July! Just recently get a few comments from those who are kind enough to lurk my blog.

Here, I would like to say sorry if I ever offended anyone in any way by my writing, commenting, taking a copy of other's pictures (but I will properly acknowledge the original and even link it back) and simply any unintentional unnecessary shitty ramblings.

I am not a perfect blogger and I can't satisfy anyone.
But I know, I want peace in this world that we share together. ^^
This blog is the reason of my love for South Korea and its beauty

If anyone feel offended or enlightened, please email or even comment me. I'm totally fine with it.


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Danielle said…
I don't think you need to apologize. I think people understand that you are busy.

And, it's your blog, so you are entitled to all the unnecessary shitty ramblings your little heart desires. ;)