Why travel solo? Isn't it dangerous for a lady?

These 2 questions has been asked zillions of time even though I don't know how zillions looks like. (I told you, I failed Maths..haha). Well, traveling solo seems always pretty dangerous for ladies but mate, you have to count your risk like 1,2,3..bla bla..before you even start thinking about it. Like Zati said, you take calculative risk not simply "You jump, I jump" Dicaprio style.

A lot of times during my traveling solo, I depend on my gut,hunch,6th sense,psychic..whatever you call it. But what I really want to make a point home is that..please use your COMMON SENSE, that 7 inches between your two ears aka your brain. ^__^ You gonna be safe if not the other way round.

I'm not gonna say that there isn't any risk. There IS risk! We encounter risk anywhere, everywhere and anytime. We just don't realize it.. yet. Hehehe. But traveling solo has been always a SWEET risk. Only those who experienced it will know that gushy mushy feeling. Shweeeet..

I'm way out of topic! Sorry guys, that's why I always got whacked by my language teacher while doing essay. I always get to pluto and refused to return. Hehe..

Solo almost..almost feel like FREEDOM. You determine all decision by yourself. There's no one to bicker backer with, no one to nag at you when you are in "I told you so" situation and all the TIME is yours to enjoy and get pampered.

Get the xyz of my point? FREEDOM = TIME = no one nagging at you.

Wow..another Nobel prize for creating another silly formula!