Seoul: Accommodation on a budget

I will reach Seoul on 29th Sept 2009 which is Tuesday at 0830hrs. My plan would be to stay 2 days in Seoul and then head to either Gwangju or Gangwon-do.

Where should I stay in Seoul?

I'm going to be a solo-traveler. These are among the lists of places that I think I want to stay based on the reviews and their reputation.

1) Banana Backpackers - they are near to Insadong; 5 minutes walking distance and just 20,000 KRW/night for dorm around RM60 (as per current rate)

2) Kims Guesthouse - Dorm bed around 15,000 KRW and single room around 28,000 KRW.
This is a bit far from central Seoul but you can't beat the price.

3) Golden pond guest house - Dongdaemun Market is just two stops away via the subway. Dorm bed around 15,000 / 17,000 KRW and single room around 27,000 KRW.

4) Beewon Guesthouse - It is 8 minutes walk from Insadong and Dorm bed around 19,000 KRW/night.