"Do you have ?" in korean language

I'm going to learn just the survival phrases before I'm going to Seoul. This would be one of them.
Some of the questions that I need to ask in Korean language would be like this:

Do you have money?
Do you have time?
Do you have ?

The sentence would be like this:

1) Informal way:
isso ?
<item>있 어?

2) Formal way:
isso yo?
<item>있 어요?

eg. Dun isso yo? = Do you have money?
Dun = money

eg. shigan isso yo? = Do you have time?
shigan = time

PS: If you realize..just by adding 'yo' at the back of the sentence, it would be changed to formal way. Warning: However it is just a general rule. Not to be adapted to all situation though.

PSS: I would say, learning the korean alphabet before going to Korea is really beneficial. This has happened to my trip to Japan which learning the hiragana and katakana has helped me a lot finding my way. *I lost my way a lot..hahaha*

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