Seonyudo Park - Part 2

My partner in crime: Chrystal
크리스틀, 널 보고 싶당!!

I have blogged about this park before here but without personal experience I couldn't review on how tranquil the place was and how gorgeous this park will be during my favorite season; autumn. T_T the weather is getting cooler in Seoul now, it makes me miss autumn so much!!

Bun Sok - my WWOOF host from Joy Farm has suggested this park due to its uniqueness.

Unique? Because... Seonyudo Park is located in the middle of Han River! It seems like a small secluded island in the middle of a bustling city.

Bun Sok supports ecological projects and stuff so she urged me to check it out but I have delayed the visit so many times because the place is just so so close from where I stay, Sinchon...lalalalala...excuse, excuse and more excuses.

Back then ( in 2009), I have set it aside as one of my to-visit list but it only materialized after a meet-up with my dearest friend from Malaysia; Chrystal. We visited Seonyudo Park on a very hot day of the 16th May 2013.

Initially, I followed the direction that I have blogged myself here, hence I chose to take the bus from Dangsan station. However, I think it's easier to just take the bus after you exit from Hapjeong Station.

The bus number to Seonyudo Park is either:
  • Blue bus - 603
  • Green bus - 5714

The bus stop id is 19-277 and the bus stop name in Korean is 선요도공원. If you have Seoul Bus application and know how to use NaverMap application, it would be a whole lot easier to navigate your way. encouragement to get you to study Korean...kekeke.

How to go to Seonyudo Park?

출발 (chulbal) is where you start. You can see the bus icon there and that is where Hapjeong station is located.

도착 (dochak) is your destination; Seonyudo Park.

Once you reach Hapjeong Station (Line 2 or 6); go out from exit 9 and walk towards the bus stop which is in the middle of the street. Take the blue bus, number 603. Once you get on the bus, press the bell and get down at the next bus stop. Yup...only one stop!! Don't sleep...heheh. The ride will cost you 1,050 won (price may change).

The bus stop id at Hapjeong station is 14-012 and the bus stop name in Korean is 합정역.남경호텔.

You gonna pass by this gorgeous bridge before you reach Seonyudo Park but me and Chrystal chose to walk from Hapjeong Station to Seonyudo park instead. 

The very green Seonyudo park is just behind Chrystal!

More information on KNTO.
More pictures in my Facebook here.

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Anonymous said… your blog. sgt informative. tumpang tny cuaca bln may elok x utk ke korea?
Chrystal Giam said…
나도 언니를 많이 많이 많이 보고싶어용~!!!!
Zarina BT2K said…

w'salam...cuaca bln May sedang elok and panas just mcm Malaysia..make sure bring your umbrella, sunglass and sunblock lotion.
Radin fadli said…
Assalamualaikum, saya nak tumpang tanya, berapa ringgit kalau naik teksi ke nami island dari seoul? mahal tak? Saya bakal ke seoul 25-30 hb oktober.Autumn tgh peak masa tu kan?
Anonymous said…
kak sori klu mnyusahkan tp bole x kalau nk ber-email dgn kak? nk tny pasal trip ke korea. sy dh book flight tp xtahu nk buat apa after that :(
Anonymous said…
Assalamu'alaikum Sis Zarina.

Saya telah baca blog dan pengalaman sis sepanjang berada di Korea. Saya berminat untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai travel ke sana secara "bajet", as I am going there with a group of friends on december insyaAllah. Kami berharap perkongsian dari sis dan mugkin cara untuk berhubung dengan sis melalui email atau contact no. jika tidak keberatan.

Ini kerana kami bukan sahaja ke sana untuk bercuti, tetapi untuk menimba pengalaman dan survey sekali tempat untuk long term stay for study or even working there, InsyaAllah, which means as like what you're pursuing now :).
May Allah ease your tasks there,Aameen

Hope your kind reply and sharing.

terima kasih.

lala yusof said…
info yg bagus nak g korea ni