Joy Farm, Chunyang

I woke up at 6 am and it was seriously cold. There was no frost but my breath was. Hahaha..

Bun Sok said if there are three frost in sequence the chillies will be bad. So today, we harvested some of the chillies in the morning and the rest in the evening. The harvest this year turns bad because of virus and also some wild animals. Basically, whatever crops produce was just for their own consumption.

Pity them, cause the rice paddy must be abandoned completely as they couldn't consume any of it. So next year, they need to buy the rice.

The farm is huge, for 2 people I mean. After picking the chillies, Bun Sok showed me the farm. They have chillies, yellow beans, red beans, black beans, millet, chinese sorga, rice, apples, cucumber, gourd and some more.

They sell their premium harvest directly to their consumers via online. However, the demand is always more than what they can supply. Organic farming is hard. Period. Whatever they grow, they only forecast 10% of it is edible and the best will be sold.

Bun Sok told me that I could take a walk alone in the forest. Yikes!! I prefer to do it in the morning. Tomorrow maybe.

Joy and Bun Sok's farm

Their house

A stream near the house.

The moon is still there while the sun is rising from the east.

Bun Sok picking the chillies for breakfast.

The boiler room for heating the house. The black thing is charcoal, burn it and it will last about 8 to 12 hours. Depending on how fast you want it to burn. The colder the winter the faster it burns.

Their chillies farm.

Bun Sok at work.

I hope it will be fully red on my last day here - 16th October.

The chillies we harvested together.

Joy gathering the chillies near his jeep.

Their paddy field.