Where to Buy Korean Hallyu Souvenirs?

I found a few of these shops in Myeongdong and Namdaemun but couldn't care less to take the pictures until my friends returned from Seoul and showed me their cam-whoring results.

There are various items of imaginable Korean Hallyu souvenirs sold here. Namely socks, t-shirts, calendars, key-chain, mug and etc. You name it! Price differs between shops. Haggling is a must!

This shop is in Insadong. You could also find Korean Hallyu souvenirs here. Insadong mostly caters Korean traditional souvenirs like Korean mask, fan, hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) and etc.

How to go to Insadong - stop at either Jongno /Euljiro/ Jonggak subway station.

Guess who on the far right? Has he finished his military duties yet?

I bought that SNSD file folder but now it sits between piles of books.
Mian he..hehe
This shop is in Namdaemun

How to go to Namdaemun - stop at Hoehyeon subway station. Actually Namdaemun is walking
distance from Myeongdong. They are near to each other.

Make sure you see this building and walk towards Namdaemun!

This makeshift stall is in Myeongdong.

To Big Bang lovers, GDragon said..Kajima!! Don't go until you buy this calendar!
GDragon..Kyaa!! *fangirl mode*

You can find many sellers at the underground shopping centers too like in Euljiro and Myeongdong nearby the subway. Most of the shops are selling similar stuff and price wise is pretty much the same. I rarely get discount from those ahjummas but I would buy a few things at one go and ask for service. In Korea, service means free items or sample. They will gladly give it to you if you purchase a lot from their shop.

The entrance to Hoehyeon underground shopping center

Myeongdong underground shopping center.

Picture courtesy: Iris, Fiza, Hanim, Nyna and 2T

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Badar The Great said…
salam , very useful info for me yg akan visit seoul dis mid feb. will be stayin kat area namdaemun. Dis area they say mcm chow kit ke? Leh ke share wit me on Mount Soerak. Plan to go here too n leh ke klu pi day trip aja? Be in korea for 6 days only. 10Q
Zarina BT2K said…
Badar The Great,
yup..namdaemun is a bit chaotic like chow kit because it's a market area.

Mt Seorak is quite far..about 2 hr and a half by bus. If you want to make a day trip it's gonna be tiring.

Go Nami Island instead, the snow will be pretty there.
badar0501@yahoo.com said…
Nami island is in my list for sure..

Or can i stay a nite in Sokcho/Mt Seorak n proceed to ski resort nearby. The rest of days we will spend our time in Seoul. Wat do u think?
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Badar,
Go to Mt Seorak on the day, stay the night at Seokcho and go to the ski resort the next day.
hanizan said…
badar the great,

Bole i tau u stay kat mn area namdaemun?coz i tgh survey guest house dkat area2 tu juga..no idea nak stay kat mn skrg ni..cuma dlm kepala otak terpikir nak stay di namsan guest house..itupn lepas bc blog kak zarina ni...