Sejong Center

Sejong Center for the Performing Arts (or Sejong Center) is the largest arts and cultural complex in Seoul, South Korea. It has an interior area of 53,202m². It is situated in the center of the capital, on Sejongno, a main road that cuts through the capital city of the Joseon Dynasty. The center took 4 years to complete, opening its doors in 1978. It was "built as a cultural center for Seoulites." It currently is home to the biggest pipe organ in Asia. (Source: Wikipedia)
The building is located in Gwanghamun and you can view the statue of the great King Sejong  just in front of the center. Underneath the statue, you can walk into Gwang Ha Rang, where you can view many free exhibition. The Gwang Hwa Rang is situated right underneath the Sejong-ro crossroads. It is accessible to pedestrians and art-discerning visitors. There is a window-gallery that enable by-passers on ground level to peek inside.

Check out my trip to Gwanghamun on April 2009 here and to King Sejong's tomb here.
My friends Iris, Fiza, Nyna and Hanim recently visited the great King Sejong's exhibition and check out their pictures here. You can even practise writing your own name in Hangul! ^^

The great King errr..Queen Fiza?

Nice kitty..rawrrr!! Be careful Nyna! ^^

Fiza landed into the same dreaded situation like me.
There's no letter in Hangul which sounded like 'Z' and 'F' hence
Korean pronounce our name as Pija and Jarina respectively.
I gave up to teach them on how to pronounce my name properly.
The funnier thing is, Korean pronounce pizza (the food) as pija.

Uri chingu!! From left Fiza, Iris, Nyna and Hanim.
All pictures are from their courtesy.

Myeongdong to Gwanghamun
16 minutes, 5 stops, 5.1km
1,000 won with cash, 900 won with T-Money
Transit at Dongdaemun History and Culture park subway station
Take Exit 5 at Gwanghamun subway station to go to Sejong Center

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