Ski Resorts in South Korea : Gyeonggi-do

Konjiam Ski Resort
Official website

Konjiam Resort is easily accessible from Seoul Metropolitan Area
  • 40 minutes away from Gangnam, Seoul. 
  • largest ski trail in the Seoul Metropolitan Area, 
  • a condominium with 476 rooms, a spa, and wine cave. 
  • Operating the nation’s first slope membership system and its online reservation system. 
  • Overcome overcrowded ski slope problem by enforcing Korea’s first maximum occupancy rule - up to 7,000 guests.
  • Free shuttle bus is available

Contact: (031) 8026-5000

Magic Show at Konjiam Ski Resort
Directions :
Paid Shuttle Bus :
From exit 1 at Gangbyeon Station take bus number 1113-1, from exit 6 at Jamsil Station take number 500-1, OR From exit 3 of Gangnam Station take bus number 500-2. Get off at Gonjiam Terminal
After that, take a taxi to Konjiam Resort (ride 10~15 mins, about 8,000 to 10,000 won).
Gangbyeon and Gangnam station is in Line 2, Green.
Total travel time for one way ~ 2 hours

Free Shuttle Bus :
From Gangnam - For more information Or Reservation 02-739-0011
07:10 at Apgujeong Station (Exit No.6 / in front of the public parking lot)
07:30 at Gangnam Station (Exit No.3 / 200m away to mutual savings bank)

From Gangdong - For more information Or Reservation 031-798-5588
07:10 / 11:10 / 19:35 / 16:50 / 23:10 at Samseong Station (Exit No.1 / ‘NH’ Bank) 
07:20 / 11:20 / 19:45 / 17:00 / 23:20 at Jamsil Olympic Stadium Station (Exit No.1)

From Jung-gu - For more information Or Reservation 02-739-0011
07:00 Sinchon Station (Exit No.5 / in front of ‘Woori’Bank)
07:15 Gwanghwamun (in front of Sejong Center)
07:20 City Hall Station (Exit No.3 / away to the City Council Hall)
07:25 Itaewon (across the street ‘Crown’ Hotel)

For more information on free shuttle bus: Bus

Bears Town
Official website

Snowboarding lesson in Bear's Town

Bears Town Resort is located an hour away from Seoul

  • The only resort in the Seoul-Pocheon-Hwacheon line. 
  • The road to the resort rarely suffers from traffic during the winter season, unlike those in Gangwon Province, and its favorable location earned it the nickname, “Ski Resort for the Public.” 
  • Members who sign up on the website can purchase their lift tickets at the 40% discounted price. 
  • Free lift tickets are offered for every purchase of five tickets. 
  • Overnight ski program on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 
  • The ski slopes open at 4:00 AM. 
  • The ski slopes of this large-scale leisure resort have been officially approved by the International Ski Federation. 
  • Bears Town Resort is a great destination for beginners
  • Comprehensive rental system allows you to rent all the equipment you need. 
  • More experienced skiers will enjoy the FIS approved 88 Challenger Slope. 
  • It also offers snow sledding slopes which is ideal for family with small children.
  • Getting to Bears Town Resort from Seoul couldn’t be easier, as the resort provides a free shuttle bus (reservations required)

Contact: (031) 540-5000

Paid Shuttle Bus 

1-Take Bus No. 707 in front of Cheongnyangni train Station, and get off at Gwangneungnae. Change to bus No.7.5.1001 and get off at Bears Town Ski Resort. 

2-Take bus No. 1001 at Gangbyeon station(subway line 2) and get off at Bears Town Ski Resort. 

3-Take bus at Inchon, Su-won, An-san express bus terminal and get off at Naecheon. Change to bus No.5,7,33,1001 and get off at Bears Town Ski Resort. 
Only from Monday to Thursday

Free Shuttle Bus
For more information Or Reservation Seoul Geumsung Tour ( 02-741-2202 )

Jongno Area
0800 / 1600 / 1920 - Euljiro ipgu Station Exit 3, Korea Herald School Front
0805 / 1620 / 1925 - Jonggak Station Exit 4 Bosingak Front

Jamsil Area
0820 / 1620 / 1900 - Sports complex Station Exit 2 Front
0825 / 1625 / 1905 - Jamsil Station Lottemart, Lotteworld Front

Gangnam Area
1840 - Gangnam Station Exit 1 BusStation Front
0800 / 1610 - Gangnam Station Exit 3 Hanabank BusStation Front
1850 - Seolleung Station Shangjeri Building Front BusStation

Sinchon Area
0800 - City hall Station Deoksugung Deahanmun Front
0805 - Chungjeongno Station Exit 2

Jisan Forest Resort
Official website

Night Skiing and Snowboarding at Jisan

Located in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do Province, Jisan Forest Resort is close to Seoul and is especially suited for those looking for a one-day ski getaway.

  • There is an escalator for children and beginners. The new 6-person lift is equipped with heated seats for a warm, comfortable ride. 
  • Jisan Resort is popular among office workers who want to enjoy one-day ski trips during the weekdays since it is adjacent to Seoul. 
  • Operates a special parking lot that can accommodate over 200 cars for women
  • Operates diverse discount programs for people on their birthdays, freshmen, campus couples, young adults, gentlemen, and career women.
  • Provide free shuttle bus

Near to Icheon World Ceramic Center. Read my post here when I visited the Ceramic Center with Mi Hyeon.

Contact: (031) 638-8460

1.Bus runs every 20 minutes from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Icheon coach bus terminal. Then take Bus No. 12 from Icheon and get off at Jisan Resort.(40 min )
2.Take City Coach Bus No.9800 at Gangnam Station(exit No.3) or Yangjae Station(Yangjae bus station).
(between 9:00~13:00 every hour/ 15:00/16:00/17:30/19:00/20:00)

Free Shuttle Bus
Make reservation at the homepage but only if you have Korean friend to assist.
However, you can directly call to reserve a seat at 031-644-1390~2

Yangji Pine Resort
Yangji Pine Resort’s highest-grade ski run is the Challenger Course, where the yearly ‘National Alpine Ski Competition’ takes place.

  • Skiers can enjoy skiing day and night by using the free shuttles. 
  • This resort introduced the nation’s first mileage program, and 1.5% of the sales amount is accumulated as mileage. Mileages of over 5,000 points may be used like cash at the resort. 
  • Yangji Pine Resort also operates various discount programs, including 30% discounts on lift fees and 50% discounts on rental fees for volunteers and blood donors. 
  • The discount programs also target local residents, people on their birthdays, students, freshmen, soldiers, and couples visiting the resort on Valentine’s Day.
  • Many enjoyable programs for skiers and snowboarders, such as training courses, a snowboarding competition, and a snow-boarding show presented by pro riders.

Near to Everland and Yongin Korean Folk Village. Read my post on my visit to Yongin Korean Folk Village here.

Contact: (031) 338-2001

Paid shuttle bus:

1.From Seoul Nambu Terminal, take an express bus and get off at Yongin or Yangji (first 06:15 / last 20:10 / 20 min interval). Take a free shuttle bus there.
2.In front of Yongin Bus Terminal, take bus No. 10 or direct bus to Yangji (20 min ride). Then take a taxi to the ski resort (10 min ride).

Free Shuttle bus:
From Gangnam
0710 Chosun Hotel frontdoor
0750 / 1100 Apgujeong station exit 6
0810 / 1120 / 1600(only weekends) / 1820(only weekdays) Gangnam station exit 3
0820 / 1130 / 1620(only weekends) / 1830(only weekdays) Yangjae station exit 7

From Jamsil
0800 Samseong station exit 1
0820 Jamsil station, Lotte Mart

From Sinchon
0740 Sinchon station exit 5
0800 City Hall station exit 2

Click here for more information on free shuttle bus from Seoul
Click here for more information on free shuttle bus from Yongin

Free Skiing trend in Korea

Source: Gyeonggi do TourismKNTO and Youtube

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Anonymous said…
would like to go to Bears Town for skiing and wish to used the Free shuttle bus. Can i make the reservation thru e-mail? if yes, can i get the e-mail address from you. Had try on this email ( but delivery message fail. And had try the official website but can't found any link for the reservation. I'm from Malaysia. So making call directly will cost me a bomb. Any suggestion?
Zarina BT2K said…
My suggestion is to call the number once you are in Seoul. If they can't understand English, get help from the guesthouse/hotel reception to make the call for you. They would be glad to assist you! ^^ Trust me. Korean are very accommodating and friendly.
Anonymous said…
Thank Zarina, for replying.
your blog information on Korea is so helpful. Glad that i stumble into it.
Keep it up.*thumb up*
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi there,
I'm glad that I could help. Just doing this blog for myself at first so that I could reuse all the info if I want to go to Korea again and again (my plan..hehe)
Anonymous said…
Hai zarina ,
very informative blog.I'm planning to visit s.k wth my hband and 2 kids age 8 & 15yrs.Planning to go to Yangji and stay at hyundai residence.Any ideaon how to go to Yangji from the hotel. tqs alot.

from zara,malaysia
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Zara,
Hyundai Residence Serviced Apmt as per
should be around Dongdaemun/Chungmuro Station according to the map.

The nearest you could wait for free shuttle bus from Seoul is at 0800am at City Hall Station. Call the number (031) 338-2001 for reservation.

The free shuttle bus map at Yangji's website is only from Yongin where you need to take normal bus from Nambu bus terminal
Anonymous said…
thanks for the info zarina, still blurr..but will try to figure that out once we get there.

Zarina BT2K said…
Don't worry too much ^^
Seoul is a pretty easy city to figure out once you are there.
The transportation quality is very good that you won't get lost.
How I missed snowbording.... cannot be sure if i can try again on my plan trip to Seoul next year coz bringging a small kid and my wife with zero experience in ski/snowbording.... maybe just snow sleding..

Zarina, harapu boleh tolong guide utk ke Bears Town... I plan duduk area Dongdaemun Hitory & Culture Station, Mcm mana nak ke Station Shuttle Bus by subway?
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi ayaharif,

You could take shuttle bus from Euljiro station (but you need to confirm with the company whether Euljiro 1/3/4 Station) or Jonggak Station.

Please call Geumsung Tour ( 02-741-2202 ) for free shuttle bus reservation once you are there.
Anonymous said…
Hi Zarina,

SOS! We will be visiting Seoul in early December, 8 pax all in. We will stay at Greenhouse Myengdong. If we plan to visit the Korean Folks Village and a ski resort in the same day, which would you recommend, Jisan or Yangji Ski Resort? None of us have any skiing experience (orang Malaysia lah). We will be taking public transports and we have a kid of 10 years old. Free shuttle from Seoul would be the best as it would be hassle free for us, the problem is from Jisan (or Yangji) to Korean Folks Village and then from Korean Folks Village back to Seoul.

Thanks & regards!
Zarina BT2K said…
Both ski resorts are around 1 hour drive from Seoul. They provide skiing lessons for separate charges if you want to learn or if you have Korean friends who could teach you for FREE, it would be better. ^^

Are you referring to Hanok village in Chungmuro or Yongin Korean Folk Village?

It's not advisable to cram both activities in one day. I suggest you visit only ski resort and try the hanok village at Chungmuro station instead.
Roze Boomerang said…
Hi Zarina, lovely + informative blog you have here. Really helps me a LOT! i

Just wanna know if I have only 4 days effectively in Seoul, is it worth it to go for a day trip for skiing? I'm planning to go afternoon ski 1pm - 5pm, but now thinking that it might be a waste of money, time and energy (RM300 for ski equipment + lift + lesson) if I were to go for a short trip. What do you think?

And is it worth it to skiing in Seoul compared to other parts of the world? What other ice sports activities that is worth to do in Seoul? Snow sledding? Ice skating? My partner and I enjoy ice skating, what's the best place to go?
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Roze,

Since you only have 4 days and it is during winter, you better ski/snow sledding. Although the winter is harsher than last year's.

Try check out Bear Town Ski Resort, it's only 1 hour from Seoul.

But if you don't want to waste the time traveling and just enjoy Seoul than go for ice skating.

Ice skating - go to Lotte World. The place never close.
hanna said…
hi, i was thinking if i could get the bearstown membership but the links are nowhere to be found. can you help me please? or is it the membership is only for koreans?
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Hanna,
You could try to email the resort at
for more info on membership.
eKa said…
akak,kalu kita tak stay resort2 ni boleh main ski jugak ke...igt nak dok guesthouse murahan je
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Eka,
Boleh. Akak pon tak stay in resort hotel. Just ski and snowboard je. ^^
Aspen said…
Assalamualaikum Zarina,
Bestnya dapat jumpa blog ni. Saya plan nak pergi Seoul October tahun dpn...rasa2 macam nak stay kat Yangji Pine Resort..tapi website dia tak citer tentang rate dan camne nak booking by online. Camne ek??
Anonymous said…
Hi Zarina
How do you book accommodation at Yangyi Resort?
amirrasid said…
salam kak n my 4 other friends planning to go for one day trip to yongpyong cheaper to go by ourself or trough agent?..tq
Amir said…
Salam kak Zarina,
Love your blog and very resourceful.
I'm planning to go to Korea in April 12 and will stay in Namsan Guesthouse. Any recommendation for day trip to any nearest budget ski resort, and would appreciate kak Zarina could guide me on transportation to the recommended ski resort.
Zarina BT2K said…
W'salam Amir,
I'm afraid by mid March the Ski resort is not opened anymore as no snow. But you can still come for a visit though.

please download my FAQ, the how-to for ski resort is in there
Amira Putra said…
Salam Zarina, nak tanya kalau pegi bulan November dlm 18hb, bole pegi ke tempat2 Ski nih.. ada salji da ke
Anonymous said…
Hi Zarina,

I am Kim from Malaysia. My family and I are planning to visit Seoul beginning of March 2013. We are wondering whether the ski resort is still open at that time. Since I will be bringing 2 kids (all below 6 yrs old), which ski resort will you recommend?

Kim Fong
Anonymous said…
Hi Zarina, Love your blog! Thinking of going to a ski resort with my 2 kids this coming Dec. May I know besides BearTown, which resort offers snow sled for kids and nearest to Seoul? We just want the kids to play with the snow, build snowman, snow fights and snow angels! Not so much on skiing and snowboarding.
Anonymous said…
Hello zarina!I am keen to go yanji for skiing on the 3rd week of feb. I am travelling alone and was wondering if there are any motels or hostel near the resort for accommodation ? Are there free shuttle bus from the resort to yongin or yangji?

Where else would you recommend skiing for single traveller in korea?

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon