Seoul Review by MF

What MF got to say about Seoul?

MF said.... "Seoul was superb!!! I love it here.Rasa mcm nak tell off everybody, skip airasia to Japan and juz grab any first flight out to seoul. Wayyyyy better here.Today gonna be shopping my way to dondaemon. Nandaemon tak boleh shopping la. Tempat diorang sembelih orang kot, mahal la harga barang2 kat nandaemon. Coex, sama mcm normal japs price. Anyway, I guess, your blogs really help for my trip to Seoul this time. If do have any other tips advices, do share yer.
Thanks. "

Translated..." Seoul was superb!!! I love it here. I feel like telling off everybody to skip AirAsia promotion to Japan and just grab any first flight out to Seoul. Wayyyy better here (compared to Japan). Today gonna be shopping my way to Dongdaemun. I can't shop in Namdaemun. The items are too over priced and the sellers take advantage of the tourists. COEX Mall items are similar in price compared to Japan."

MF is currently working and living in Tokyo, Japan. He is currently in Seoul for a 4-days tour. So, you can imagine his total amazement and enjoyment of visiting Seoul. He is still in Seoul now giving me live updates.

Tip: Go to Namdaemun in early morning in weekday. Don't go there during weekend. From my experience, it's better to shop in Dongdaemun if you want to buy fashionable clothes. You don't need to bargain with ahjummas especially with our limited Korean language. However, you have to go Namdaemun for the brooches.

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