Haru 2010 Drama Eng Sub : Part 1

Remember my post on 2010 Interactive campaign-Haru? This is the first installment of the mini drama to promote Korea Tourism by the Hallyu stars.

In the first installment:
Yunho (U-Know); one of  the defunct DBSK members, running on Gwanggalli bridge. This bridge is situated in Busan.

How to go to Busan:
Take a train from Seoul Station (subway line No.1, 4)
By KTX: 2hrs 40 mins.
By Saemaeul: 3hrs 40 mins.
By Mugunghwa: 5hrs 20mins.
First bus is at 05:25, Last bus is at 23:00, Intervals are between 5~10 mins. (Nambu bus terminal/Express bus terminal)

How to go to Gwangalli:
1. From Busan Station, take city bus No. 41, 42, 140, 239, 240, 139 and get off at Gwangalli Beach (runs  
2. From Express Bus Terminal (Nopodong Station), take city bus No. 131, 131-1
3. From Busan Subway Station, Line 1 transfer at Seomyeon Station. Get off at Gwangan Station(subway
    line no. 2, exit 3 or 5) and walk 5 minutes.

How to go to Haeundae
1. Subway - From exit 3 or 5 of Haeundae station (Busan Subway Line 2), walk 10 min toward the beach.
2. Bus - From Busan Station, take city express bus No. 302, 139, 140, 239, 240 in front of Samsung
    Building and get off at Haeundae Beach(about 40 min).
3. Taxi - Takes 40 min from Busan Station.

How to go to Seongjeong
1. From Busan Station: Take Bus No.139, 140, 239, 302-1

2. From Subway: Take subway line No.2 and get off at Haeundae Station (Exit no.7)→ Take Bus No. 100,
    100-1, 139, 142 → Get off at Songjeong Station and walk 600 meters.

Gwangalli v/s Haeundae v/s Songjeong Beach

Gwangalli Official Website
Gwangalli is the most beautiful - because of the beautiful bridge, at night it is a sight to behold. It is just next to a busy road, hence I feel it is not so private.

Check out my post on Gwangalli at night here and during day here .

Haeundae Official Website
Haeundae is more private - where the blockbuster movie was filmed, the hotels are just beside the beach and you can't see the main roads from the beach. Hence, you're blocked from the din. If you stay in any of the hotels along Haeundae beach you will get the feel of having your own private beach. Among the three, this is the most popular among the crowd, though I prefer Gwangalli because of the bridge.

Check out my post on Haeundae here.

Songjeong Official Website
Songjeong feels like home - a lot of small shops opened near the beaches, secluded and quite far from the busyness of city center. If you want to go to Yonggung-sa, you will pass this beach. I saw some university students having their MT here. I think it would be great for having family picnic at this beach.  ^^

Want to know what is MT? Check out the explanation by KoreanClass101 here.

Source: KNTO

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EL said…
am a bigbang fans...hehe.Will be going to Korea around 12 oct to 20 oct.If you heard any activities of Bigbang during those period, any type of show where fans can go please do let me know.Really want to see them live.Thank you :)
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi EL,
I'm a Big Bang fan but a bad one though. Heheh..I have not been to any of their concert or showcase while I'm here though.

Will look through it. ^^
EL said…
thank you :)