Mi Hyeon in Malaysia: Part 2

After spending 2 weeks with my family, it's time to hit Kuala Lumpur.
This is Bukit Jalil LRT Station. We took bus from Kluang to Bukit Jalil.

In front of Central Market. You could buy Malaysian souvenirs here.

Loving Kuala Lumpur for the beautiful buildings
but it was sweltering hot that day.

Sultan Abdul Samad building. 

Met a Big Bang fans in Midvalley

We found this huge poster at National Museum.
I wish I could bring her to the Twin Tower bridge but
we didn't have time to queue as early as 6.30 for the
free pass. T_T

Old Railway Station which is turned into a hotel.

Inside National Mosque. I told her she looked like Hobbit in
Lord of the Rings Sequel.

Federal Mosque.

We met many tourist in National Mosque. The admission is
only MYR2 or 700 won.

Park Ji Sung!! Mi Hyeon lives in Suwon. Park Ji Sung just
bought a house in Suwon recently and there is a Park Ji Sung road
too in Suwon.

Visiting Rozie in Putrajaya where many beautiful government buildings
located. I think that Putrajaya is a MUST place to visit. The place rocks
during day or night.

Sarang hae! Hahaha...All my good friends trying the symbolic gestures
of love. Sorry Tut, I know you hate to do that..ekekeke..

Mi Hyeon cooked for us tteokpokki. It was delicious!!

What do you think of Malaysia? Beautiful too right? I'm proud being Malaysian..^^

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Anonymous said…
where can we find the white thing?i'm so addict to tteokpokki after tasting it at my host's house.
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi kakakweasley,
If you live in KL, you could find it at Korean supermart in Ampang.

Check out the direction in my post here