Mi Hyeon in Malaysia: Part 1

Mi Hyeon visited my hometown after both of us travelled to Manila. We flyed via AirAsia from Clark Airport, Manila and reached LCCT, Sepang around 4 in the evening. I ordered Nasi Briyani in the plane and probably because I hadn't eaten Malaysian food for quite some time made me want to order a few packs more.

My hometown from the car's dashboard. Hehe..like it? ^^ Mi Hyeon
likes it so much that she always mention that my hometown is so
green. Hmm..maybe that's why I love my hometown. So peaceful..

Mi Hyeon worked for Korean public kindergarden for 10 years before
she quit her job and decided to travel. However old flame will never die.
She still tried her hands on teaching Malaysian kids here in my hometown!
Guess what she taught them? Korean words!! Hangul..hahaha.

She was lucky to see the traditonal dance performed by the kids. They
were actually preparing for a contest between kindergardens all over

The first time seeing 'sukun' or bread fruit. The taste is nothing
similar to any fruits in Korea. Probably sweet potato (koguma)
but still it is different.

The fried 'sukun' or breadfruit.

In front of a model of traditional Malay house. She asked why my own house
was not like this. I said because the wood is pricy and it cost a bomb
to maintain the house itself.

Loving my hometown with a Korean heart
shape symbol. That's palm oil tree behind her.

Buying a baju kurung(Malay women's clothes) with
my mother and niece

We have mango tree in front of the house and it was the season when
she came. Our family had too much of it before and everyday she ate
mango for breakfast, lunch and dinner.^^. I bought the dragon fruit
for her to try but she prefers mango.

In Desaru, Johor with my mother. Argghh..I need a beach vacation
now too.

Enjoying satay with my parents after going back from the beach.

The famous Kluang Station bun at Kluang.

The famous coffee of Kluang Station. I'm officially an addict now.

With my younger sister and brothers while waiting for the food
at Kluang Station.

After having Mi Hyeon with my family, I came to appreciate my hometown more. 

10 differences between Malaysia and South Korea

  1. Population: South Korea is dominated by Koreans but Malaysia is very colorful. Mi Hyeon thought she was in another country when she first arrived in KL Sentral. ^^

  2. Food: 500ml of cooking oil could last for 2-3 months in South Korea but Malaysians love fried food. We slanted towards being the fat nation. ^^

  3. Exercise: Mi Hyeon loves walking around my hometown early in the morning for exercise but I love to sleep more because it's cold here grrrr...

  4. Complexion: At 40, she looks so young! Me..hmm, judgemental..hehe.

  5. Fiber: She loves high fiber food- vegetables and fruit. I love high carbohydrate food- rice, rice, rice 

  6. Toilet: Don't need to pay for toilet in Korea but need to in some places in Malaysia. So, Mi Hyeon always asked me to frequent the nearby petrol station which is FREE. ^^

  7. Subway/Train: Just pay once even if you transfer in between lines in Korea but in Malaysia you have to pay separate tickets.

  8. Greeting: We bow in South Korea but for Malay, we shake hands and kiss the back of the palm if the recipient is older than you.

  9. Socks: Koreans most of the time wear socks in the house but we walk barefoot.

  10. Chopstick: Chinese in Malaysia use chopstick to eat and some of them use fork and spoon but Malay and Indian mostly use hand to eat rice. I was asked by a Korean in Bonghwa before how could I eat with hands? How do I manage the hot food? Just wait until it cools down, then you can eat. ^^

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Haliza said…
Salam. What an awesome blog u have here. Gosh how i envy u. I know it's very difficult for a Muslim lady to travel alone, plus the halal food issue. Keep up the great adventure while u r young and active. U r an inspiration to others. Good luck from a Msian in Manila!
Zarina BT2K said…
W'salam Haliza,
Thanks for the good wishes. I really appreciate that! ^^