Lotte World - Part 1

Lotte World has Magic Land (outdoor) and Adventure Land (indoor) to choose. If you really love theme parks, spend one day at least to enjoy all the rides.

I went to Lotte World with my friends early November 2009 where the school holiday season has not started. We purposely chose that date to avoid the crowds. Otherwise we need to queue so long just to try one game or ride. So, choose your date wisely before you visit Korea. Peak season = everything more expensive compared to non peak season.

School Holidays in Korea
In South Korea, the school year is divided into two terms. The first term runs from early March to late August with the summer vacation from mid-July to mid-August (elementary and secondary schools) and from mid-June to late August (higher education institutions). The second term usually resumes in late August and runs until early February. The winter break is from early February to early March. (Source: Wikipedia) 

Check here for Korea Public Holiday 

Entrance of Lotte World. A lot of old people love relaxing in here.

A lot of travel information in here and we grabbed a discount book
in Seoul too. We go 20% discount to Lotte World at the time.

Ticket counter. Lotte World is full with couples. 

Our ticket 28,000 won on 6th of November 2009. 
Surprisingly the weather was not that cold compared to other 
days when we were there.

It was Lotte World 20 years anniversary in 2009.

We were not so sure where we should go, but we followed the
crowds based on our instincts.

We were right! The left says Lotte World and the right says
Adventure (Korean pronunciation - eodebencho)

The theme was Christmas and it was beautifully decorated
according to season.

Figure skating rink was just one level below us. We came real early 
so the place was not so crowded.

I really heart gondola ride. Felt like flying on air. 
So, this was the first ride I asked my friends
to try. I told them it was the least scary compared to other rides.
But...I didn't know that they were scared of this too!! Hahaha..
Did they cry? I couldn't remember..I'm sorry my friends _ _ ^

They also have stage performance but you must check the schedule.

The giant loop.

This is the ride filmed in Stairways to Heaven starring Choi Ji Woo
and Kwon Sang Woo

Part 2 will be coming later...

Check out this article by KNTO.
Lotte World Official Website.

How to go to Lotte World
Jamsil Station, Green, Line 2, Exit 4

Meanwhile..enjoy this video by deck2233

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