Yongin Folk Village

I went to Yongin Folk Village during Chuseok 2009. Chi Won's parents dropped me off in front of the Yongin's Folk Village's gate before they drove off to meet their relatives during Chuseok. I wished Chi Won could come along but she had to work!! Being a doctor is just too hard..bla bla bla.

This place is huge. You may need at least 3-4 hours to appreciate it. One of the reasons is because the performances are done as scheduled and if you miss any one of them, then they won't have a repeat. I was lucky because I could see people making Korean rice cake - songpyeon traditionally and at the same time filled my stomach! I could still remember the taste till now. Makes me wanna run to any Korean restaurant now and ask them to make me one.*salivating*

The entrance to Yongin's Folk Village.

Souvenir shops

Drying peppers

The peppers taste sweeter than other peppers I had tasted before.
Recently I tried using Babas pepper powder to make kimchi but
the taste was weird. I should get the pepper powder from Korean
Supermarket in Ampang instead.
고추 = gochu  = pepper 
고추 가루  = gochu garu = pepper powder

A totem pole that is supposed to ward off evil spirits. Normally
it comes in pairs - a male and a female totem pole.

Write down your wish/es on a paper and tie it on the rope.

Wanted! Anyone saw this man?
Is that what it says? Hardly understood the hanja. ㅋㅋㅋ
ㅋㅋㅋ =  hehehe..

Roof from rice straw. Some of the houses used that back then.

An upgraded one, using wood.

Dutiful son monument...hmm. What about daughter?

Yut game

Dried vegetables for winter.

Kids trying their hands on songpyeon.

The ahjumma was cleaning the rice and cook it traditionally.

Gdragon look alike toddler.  ㅋㅋㅋ

The sign of early autumn.

Making thread.

Samulnori performance.

Wow! I wish I have a video camera at that moment.

Another interesting performance. The audience couldn't stop
laughing when the grandfather talked. I wonder what he told
them. Hmmm...

A shop selling Korean traditional paper. 

The man was making a piece of paper.

The lady used Korean traditional paper to complete the doll.

Lee Jun Ki's The Man and The King's filming location. 

Daejanggeum (Jewel of the Palace)'s filming location.

Filming Location: Daejanggeum (Jewel of the palace) , The Man and the King

Open: From 0900 to 1830, time may change between seasons.

12,000 won / inclusive of Museum is 15,000 won / full package is 18,000 won
Full Package: Includes fees for Admission, Korean Traditional Haunted House, Folk Village & World Folklore Village, Facilities in the Family Park

How to Go:
1- From Exit No. 6 of Gangnam Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line No. 2) or Exit No. 7 or Yangjae Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line No. 7), take City Express Bus No. 1560 or 5000-1 and get off at Korean Folk Village (30-40 minute ride).

2- At Jamsil Subway Station (Subway Line No. 2) take City Express Bus No. 1116. (one hour and 10-20 minute ride)

Official Website: Korean Folk Village
Information Source: KNTO

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Kay said…
Hi Zarina was surfing e web for info on travelling to seoul and found yr blog, lots of useful info. R u studying there? I had always wanted to travel there and live for a while to experience their language and stuff but do not know how to start. Can you share how you did it?? ;) will be grest to hear from you.

Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Kay,
Thanks for dropping by the blog. ^^
I wasn't studying in Korea but just traveling for about 6 months and teaching English to kids in Gangwondo for a while.

I quit my job on Sept 2009 and decided to travel by myself to Korea. For Malaysian, we have 90 days entry without visa to Korea and I enjoy couchsurfing and Wwoofing which I had done before in Japan 2007.

Just check the posts under itinerary, accommodation label to plan your travel.

If you need my help, just email me at zemoneko@gmail.com
Kay said…
Wish i have yr courage, havent travelled alot let alone travel alone. Btw i'll be going Seoul nxt yr with a few friends. Hope i can do Woofing/couchsurfing e next time. R u still travelling in Skorea or back in Msia? I heard that Buamdong is very nice with small cafes, have u been there?

Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Kay,
how are you doing?
S.Korea is pretty safe for a lady to travel alone. Just be conscious and aware of your surrounding.

I am now back in Malaysia.

I've never been to Buamdong yet. Seoul is so big that I hope I had more time to explore it. Nevertheless, Buamdong seems to be a pretty artistic place to stroll and enjoy. ^^
LOve this place!!

Cuma x sempat nak gi kt tempat yg ada buaian tu sbb time constraint..

it was our 2nd day being there (in korea) & masih lagi terjakun2 wahhh sana wahh sini... last2 tak sempat tour habis kampung ni huhu..