2010 Interactive Campaign - Haru

하루 Haru - for a day in Korea
하루 하루 Haru Haru - day by day for Big Bang..hehe I have no problem with both Harus ^^

A special day of 10 Hallyu star In Korea.
Kim Bum
Lee Da Hae
Kim Yoon Shik
Yunho U-KNOW
Han Chae Young
Big Bang

A short clip of Korea from a dramatic style angle; a jumble of IRIS, romance, happy go lucky...hmm..basically predictable Korean dramatic mood summed up.

After watching the blockbuster looked alike clip, my thought:  Lee Da Hae..was that her? She looked different! Kim Bum and Lee Da Hae for noona-dongsaeng relationship? Yunho part with the unnecessary heat seeking missile was ludicrous!! Who was Kim Yoon Shik? Han Chae Young should be Angelina Jolie the second. Both are bombshell anyway. I have no comment on my boys..Big Bang. They are just awesome!

The Haru Clip
ある一日の物語 - aru ichi nichi no monogatari
A story of the day

こころきらめく韓国 - kokoro kirameku kankoku
This one is a direct translation..hehe
Korea Sparkling Heart

Official site: www.haru2010.com
Don't forget to check the event on 24th September 2010!

While waiting, let's listen to Big Bang's Haru Haru.^^

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amy said…
ape ni bigbang ??
haishhhhhhh.....best jerr...

Zarina BT2K said…
bile masa laks ko jadi amy ni..
amy said…
ohh...acc gmail ni acc sharing dgn kwn aku time lenovo..for the sake nk baca blog..hehehe

ehh...ape ni..xdpt pegi tgk bigbang...aduhaiiii,,,