2010 Interactive Campaign - Haru

하루 Haru - for a day in Korea
하루 하루 Haru Haru - day by day for Big Bang..hehe I have no problem with both Harus ^^

A special day of 10 Hallyu star In Korea.
Kim Bum
Lee Da Hae
Kim Yoon Shik
Yunho U-KNOW
Han Chae Young
Big Bang

A short clip of Korea from a dramatic style angle; a jumble of IRIS, romance, happy go lucky...hmm..basically predictable Korean dramatic mood summed up.

After watching the blockbuster looked alike clip, my thought:  Lee Da Hae..was that her? She looked different! Kim Bum and Lee Da Hae for noona-dongsaeng relationship? Yunho part with the unnecessary heat seeking missile was ludicrous!! Who was Kim Yoon Shik? Han Chae Young should be Angelina Jolie the second. Both are bombshell anyway. I have no comment on my boys..Big Bang. They are just awesome!

The Haru Clip
ある一日の物語 - aru ichi nichi no monogatari
A story of the day

こころきらめく韓国 - kokoro kirameku kankoku
This one is a direct translation..hehe
Korea Sparkling Heart

Official site: www.haru2010.com
Don't forget to check the event on 24th September 2010!

While waiting, let's listen to Big Bang's Haru Haru.^^