Seoul Subway Fare Calculation from Naver

Miju from Nowon taught me how to calculate the subway fare from Naver website. It is pretty user-friendly with the exception that it was all in Korean. If you could read Hangul, it is pretty neat right?

You could plan your transportation budget ahead before leaving your hotel just with a click of the mouse. Fret not, that I will help to translate as much as I could. ^__^ In the meantime, memorize that Hangul, fast!!

You may go to the Naver website for 지하철노선도 (Jihacheol noseon do - Subway map) -

You will see a subway map like this

The subway lines are represented by different colors
Line 1 - Dark blue
Line 2 - Green
Line 3 - Orange
Line 4 - Light Blue
Line 5 - Purple
Line 6 - Dark Brown
Line 7 - Moss green
Line 8 - Pink
Line 9 - BrLight own

There are a few other lines:
Incheon Line 1 - 인천 1 호선
Bundang Line - 분당 선
Jungang Line - 준앙 선
Gyeongui Line - 경의 선

호선 means subway line, so 1호선 is Line 1.

Just click your start and arrival location. In this example; I chose from Incheon Airport 인천국제공항 to Myeongdong 명동.

Departure: 출발
Arrival : 도착

Travel time: Approximately 1 hour and 33 minutes (2 hours including transfers and if you carry big luggage)
Distance: 61.8km
Subway stops: 28 station
There are 3 transfers
Total fare: T-money 카드 - 4,600 won , Cash 현금 -  4,700 won

First, you need to take the grey color - AREX Line from Incheon International Airport to Gimpo Airport.
After that, change to Line 5 -Purple and transfer at Gongdeok Station.
From Gongdeok Station, take Line 6 - dark brown to Samgakji Station
Lastly, transfer to Line 4 - light blue and ride until Myeongdong Station.

For budget comparison:

By Airport Limousine from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong:
Bus Number : 6001
Fare: 14,000 won
Travel Time : 90 minutes
Stop: Ibis hotel (have to walk around 10 minutes to Myeongdong Subway)

Budget saved: 9,300 won (but of course you need to be a sluggard if you have a huge backpack! ^_^)

Try this Interactive Subway Map in English. I have to warn you though that the Naver subway map is more user friendly and informative.

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