Staying with Miju - CouchSurfing host

I love but I just know this recently before I went to Korea. I wish I knew it before I visited other countries. Couchsurfing is practically free where you could stay a few days or even longer (depending on the host) and exchange cultures and travel stories.

It is practical if:
1- you are on budget
2- you travel alone
3- you have plenty of time

Before I went to Seoul I checked couchsurfing for about a week and send request around 20-30 hosts. Fortunately, Miju replied my request and agreed while the rest rejected me. It was inconvenient because you need longer preparation to arrange/schedule cause your host might be working and have their own stuff to do. Those who don't want the hassle might just book a hostel/guesthouse/hotel.

Miju's mother couldn't speak English but both of her son and daughter speak fluently. She was such a warm person and tried to accommodate me as much as possible. She made me miss my mom even more!!  Miju stays in Nowon-Gu (Nowon station, Line 4/Line 7) which is around 1 hour to Myeongdong by subway.

 Flowers blooming around her house.

 Miju's mom is learning how to sew hanbok (Korean traditional dress)
on weekdays. Since I came on weekend, she couldn't show me her 
hanbok that she has sewn cause she left it at the class.
That was Miju's foot, even her foot couldn't fit.

 She could only show me the socks (yangmal) that
she has finished sewing. It was cute but couldn't fit
my giant feet.

 Her mother made a special fish, egg and vegetables 
dinner for me. The rice was cooked with a few type 
of beans hence the colour. I am totally in love with this
menu cause so many veges to eat!! The drink is bori cha 
(barley tea). I will be slimmer in no time ^^

 In the morning she made tteok guk for breakfast.
She picked some pink flowers (right hand side) at the garden
as table decoration - such an artist! By the way Miju's mom
is left handed. I told her that leftist is ingenious.

Making haemul buchu jeon. 해물부추전

Haemul buchu jeon 해물부추전
haemul - seafood
buchu - chives
jeon - pancake

 The room that I stayed and I slept on the floor with
the purple mattress (right hand side).

 Definitely gonna miss both of them!!

Miju works as a nurse and she is strict with the type
of food that they consume.

Haemul Dwenjang Jjigae 해물된장찌개
Seafood soybean stew. Miju's mom made 
it less salty just the way I like it. I love my kimchi
to be very sour eg 2 years kimchi but I don't like 
salty food. Visit Maangchi website if you want
to make it yoursel.

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