Malaysia v/s South Korea : Part 1

*This is purely my own opinion. PERIOD.*

1. 2/4 coach train v/s 10 -14 coach subway

Kudos to LRT (Light Rapid Train) for increasing the coaches. I am no longer a sardine in a fishing net. ^^

The reason why South Korea has 10-14 coaches train running in the subway is because they forecast the usage for another 50 to 100 years. What about Malaysia? 20 years until 2020? Nah..we aren't we that stupid are we?

2. walking speed of 20 feet/minute v/s 40 feet/minute

Some people like the laid back lifestyle in Malaysia and some people like it the Korean way. I love both style. I know when to race and when to relax. Love being in both countries. The image of rushing Koreans, pull me up from my laziness and the laid back image of Malaysians stops my crazy pace.

3. flat terrain v/s hiking terrain

hmm, God is fair, cause Malaysia is humid.
if hills + humid weather? = madness
flat + humid = Malaysia
hills + 4 seasons = south Korea.

Thank God!

4. not safe after 10pm v/s generally safe anytime (for women alone)

Is Malaysia becoming dangerous ? where it is not safe anymore for women or even anyone to walk alone after 10 at night? Hmmm..Who could we trust nowadays? The police? I doubt that.
It is safe in South Korea but..what happened to the police? They have no work..hahah. Even if there is a fight happening, the locals seem stronger..haha, cause all men need to enter military service.

5. fatty food v/s fiber food

Imagine this in Malaysia..
5 dishes = fish, chicken, beef, prawn + shy amount of green leaves

In South Korea
6 to 10 dishes dishes = soup, kimchi, green, green and endless green again + seafood/chicken/beef

6. all sizes v/s one size - stick

bad lifestyle = fat + sugar + very little fiber + less body workout = numerous body size

crazy lifestyle = less fat,sugar + huge amount of fiber + crazy diet regime + crazy body workout + never stop working attitude + competitive environment + society's expectation = one size (stick)

7. lazy opportunist v/s hardworking opportunist

if there is time to rest = do your work slowly
there is no time to rest = do your work, unless others will do your work

8. whatever races v/s one race

Malaysia = malays, chinese, indians, minorities,legal foreigners and neverending illegal immigrants

South Korea = Korean + limited number of foreigners (it's increasing because South Korea going global?)

I love both countries..I do.

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Zati Sariana said…
Good observations, well said!