Meeting friends before leaving Seoul

Before leaving Korea, had to bid goodbyes to all these good peoples that have helped me a lot. Since I'm in Seoul now, it's time to say happy new year and wish for better days ahead!

Hassan, a bangladeshi travel writer who has helped me a lot!! He is full with experience of immigration and consulate stuff.

Then moving to meet Patrick at Solleung Station. There was a musical performance. They played Beatles songs with that instrument which I don't remember the name.

Ahh..Citibank!! Bring me memories of my days working there.

Patrick Park Yong Jun - Korean American. Still hungover from last night's bash.

We had lunch near Patrick's house. Since he loves soup so much, we ate sujebi.

The broth is from perilla seed with nutty taste. Yummy!!

In his messy house, waiting to move out the next day.

Later, meeting Kim Chi Won - my first CS host in Yongin. We met again near Hyehwa Station where she works at Seoul National University Hospital. I love this Daehangno area cause it's surrounded by three famous universities - Seoul National (law and chemistry) , Hansung and Sungkyunkwan.

Is this chicken/penguin?

Chi Won said that university students normally paste advertisements on the road cause it's free. They have to pay if they hang it anywhere else.

In front of Sungkyunkwan University's gate - where both her parents studied.

In winter, the tree trunk is tied with straws so that all the insects will hide there. Later after winter ends the straws will be burnt. Clever idea?

Sungkyunkwan university's site map.

The infamous blogger of - Sun Hyun Woo. He's so busy on that day. I could meet him only during lunch.

Later Hyun Woo and me separated here at YP Bookstore near Jonggak Station.

While waiting for CK finished with his Hyundai medical test , I walked along Chonggyecheon again.

The big christmas trees sponsored by Citibank - hmmm....^^ always a tradition.

I walked to KTO headquarters here for free internet surfing at the basement. You could make an international call too for FREE!

A big boy giggling while crossing the stream..We vowed to walk until the end of 5.8km. Not we..but me forcing him to do it..hahaha.

These are wishes from Seoulites for a man who committed suicide in this stream.

Here is his statue, commemorating him.

How the stream looked like before.

Are there bad wishes in here? ^^

Hahah..ajime!! (reminds me of ahjumma statue at Jagalchi Market in Busan)

The highways pillar that are preserved to remember the past.

It will be open if there is flood in this stream to let the excess water through.

I can't remember what is this for though..but CK said they are names.

Yeahooo!! We made it to the end!! CK is now real 'Hanguk Saram' and me 'Chuun Saram' ngehehe..

Cute! A market selling pork + beef + chicken

Later we drank vanilla + caramel Macchiato at Holly's while CK contemplating his plan on online education.

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Anonymous said…
Eeek, you met hyun woo from now, how cool..does that mean u know him personally?
Zarina BT2K said…

Hmm..not really close but I have known him since he was in KoreanClass101 then at this time when I met him, he has quit KoreanClass101 and manages TalkToMeInKorean. ^^