Seomyeon Station

Because I had only 2 days in Busan the last time, so now I made sure I stay a bit longer. 4 days..hehe.

I went around Seomyeon Station - Lotte plaza. The plaza 's interior is just the same as in Seoul near Jamsil Station. There was a SALE going on but I couldn't be doing the shopping now cause I hate heavy luggage. All that will be done in Seoul 3 days before I leave the city.

What about Busan that I love:
1) The beaches - I love Gwangalli
2) The dialect - though some people said that Busan dialect is a bit harsh but I don't what is it about me that it sounds softer to my ears than the Seoul's. Hahaha...
3) The city - I love smaller city. As in Japan, I prefer Osaka better than Tokyo...or is it because of Kansai ben...ahaha..I don't know. I just love something different.
4) The 'people'

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