Gwangalli Beach in day light

As I love Gwangalli so much, I visited the beach again but now in the afternoon. I know the weather was cold but I didn't intend to play with the water but to view the picturesque scenery.

Take exit 3 or 5 from Gwangalli station.

I walked a good 1.2km to the beach.

So lucky to view autumn in Busan. I was here on 21st November.'s late in the southern part. If you intend to view autumn here, come around November.

Selling dried fish from the van.

That 2 identical buildings are full with seafood restaurants.

I could feel the peace. V

Arghh.. I wish I'm still here now.

The sky was so blue and bright.

Cafe's lining the street.

I stayed in the Starbucks near the beach until sunset.

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