Tongyeong - Part 2

I walked around 4 hours until 12.30 noon before I met Danielle, Kang Yong Hee and Kim Jae Joong (Not Hero of DBSK ok? Hehehe) for lunch.

Tongyeong is a city full of artists - painter, poet, dramatist. It is full of arts and their pride is General Yi Sun Sin -

The turtle ship used in great Hansan war.

The clothes of soldiers.

The canon in turtle ship.

General Yi Sun Sin

A small museum to explain the wars led by General Yi Sun Sin

Jung Ang Live Fish Market

Later I hiked Nammangsan Park. Generally you have to hike loads of hills in Korea but the view is breathtaking. Need to work out some legs..hehe.

Tongyeong from Nammangsan Park

Open Air Sculpture Park.

Citizen Culture Hall.

The landscape is marvelous because of the trees.

A pavillion is a must in Korea.

General Yi Sun Sin's statue.

Me with General!

I lost my way to find Sebyenggwan but this ahjusshi took his time off and be my tour guide for an hour! What a kind soul.

On my back is Sebyenggwan Guest House.

Later I met Danielle and her colleagues. On the left is Kim Jae Joong (not DBSK!) Heheh. Danielle likes this restaurant!

Chung Guk Jang - This is so yummmy. Just like Danielle, I didn't find it smelly at all.

Danielle, Kang Yong Hee and me.

At Danielle's school. On the right is the teacher's room.

She teaches at one of those classes.

Tongyeong Girls Middle School.

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