Nasi kerabu - rice + mix of herbs + everything

Today I ate nasi kerabu (salad rice) to break fast. Bibimbap comes close to it if I want to compare with Korean cuisine. The only similarity is rice , vegetables and the fact that it is mix rice. Other than that, the differences are really up to your own imagination. I can't get bored from eating nasi kerabu. The rice is bluish because it was cooked with natural colored flower.

Could I say that it originated from Kelantan (east-coast state in Malaysia)? A state with unique dialect and mouth-watering cuisine.

It costed me MYR2.80 (1,000 won) for this in Bazaar Ramadhan. Yeap..Malaysian food is cheap! Yeay!! If you add up other side dishes the price will be different. I like to eat it with salty duck egg. Yummy..Ahh..they add myeolchijeot or budu as well in nasi kerabu. It could be spicy if you add more chillies, just the way I like it.

GAB has it in detail explanation of Nasi Kerabu.

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