Free Seoul Tour with a guide!

Just came across this few kind souls in Seoul who volunteer themselves to guide foreigners around Seoul for free!! It means you don't have to pay them to be your tour guide but just pay your own food/transportation/admission fees for museums,palaces etc.

1. METEOR teens' Volunteer Club

Free city-tour service for foreigners.
Opportunity to make Korean friends and get free interpretation!

Date : 2009.July.15th, 19th, 25th, 26th
(Every Saturday and Sunday starting from July 26th, they will provide a tour guide on week days,
by request.)

For more details click here.

2. SeoulMate

University students that volunteer as special Seoul tour guides to non-Korean tourists for free.
They have a schedule on certain dates for the free tour and as usual the guide is free and the rest is at your own expense.

I tried to check their website, but can't seem to connect. Will try to email the owner though.
You could check their ads for the free tour here or here.
Another option you could directly email to miseo at

3. Your own 8 hour Seoul tour as suggested by Buhay sa Korea

4. Korea Tourism Organisation suggested budget tour for Seoul

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learning said…
The category says "free" so I had to check it out. But it seems like vacation in Seoul could be more rewarding due to a lot of kind assistance. What a good way to attract tourist!!
Zarina BT2K said…
There were so many kind souls helping me out in Korea. ^^ Made me want to visit them again and again
diana said…
i am coming to korea on the 4th june 2012.I really hope to get a tourist guide who can speak in English.Any advice?
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Diana,
I can speak English but I'm not available tomorrow.

You may contact other guides here
nor is said…
Hi Zarina,

Sy dan 2org lagi kwn akan ke korea pada 1-8 Oktober 2012. Boleh tak Zarina jadi tourist guide kami pada 2-5hb?
Zarina BT2K said…

please email me