WWOOF in Korea

Here's the website for WWOOF Korea.

You can choose in English or Korean. As usual I will choose English and it will show the landing page as below.

Here's the deal. You have to work around 4-6 hours/day in exchange of accommodation and food. If you don't want this arrangement, then this is not your kind of travel. But...it works for me cause my aim in travelling is to mingle with natives and learn their culture. ^__^

Single membership is around 32,500won/ USD40 (amount may differs). You may either register at their office at Seoul or you can pay via paypal if you're from overseas.

Once payment done, assuming you are from overseas, you will receive the WWOOF book which contains a directory of around 30 host farms in Korea. You are also required to provide basic personal details as well as a copy of your passport via e-mail or by fax.

It takes about two weeks to receive the book. After you receive the book, contact the farms where you are interested. Host arrangements can be done by yourself or through WWOOF Korea. WWOOF Korea provides placement service for the first three times upon your request. Please reserve a place before your arrival and check with hosts if you have special needs such as diet or if you are interested in bringing children or pets.

WWOOF-KOREA membership is valid for one year. The WWOOF Korea book serves as a membership card so that you must show it to the hosts upon your arrival with your ID.

If you have any questions or problems applying for a membership, please e-mail at wwoofkorea@yahoo.co.kr.

I will be doing WWOOFing Korea from October to December 2009. It spans from autumn to winter. Due to the registration and host arrangement will take time, I would allow myself 2 months to do the whole process. I will register in August and hopefully by end of September, I will confirm my host placement.

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iynn512 said…
hi, during your wwoof experience in korea (2009), did you quit your job or took a leave from work? wwoof seems interesting after i was introduced to it from your blog, however i'm afraid i'm not able to take a long leave from work. thanks.
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi iynn512,
yup, I quit my job. you can do it for 3 days..it depends on the host actually. You can always discuss with them before going or ask wwoof administrators from wwoof office to arrange it for you.