Nami-Ok Restaurant - Halal Dakgalbi

With the cute Mia.

This was tried and tested by me personally on January 2014! ^_____^

This is unfair...T__T
The article in Joongang mentioned that the restaurant has been opened since March!
Where was me then????....*busy..busy..hehhe*

Anyway...this is a really good news, yeah?
If only the restaurant's location is near the Nami Island's entrance then it would be better for us. opportunity to try HALAL dakgalbi is good enough. For myself, I don't have the experience but the picture looks yummy none the less. ( I have now!! ^^)

The article from Jungang Ilbo is here (in Korean) and here (in English) citing on the existence of Halal Dakgalbi - Nami Ok restaurant at Gapyeong-gun which is near to Nami Island. A personal Naver blog (in Korean) also mentioned about Nami Ok restaurant and you may read it here.

With Mr Hong Yeong Man (the owner) and Puan Raihana's family.

How to go to Nami-Ok Restaurant 남이옥 식당?

Tell the taxi driver to go to this address:

경기도 가평군 가평읍 읍내리 786-2

Phone number:

Warning: I have waited 2 hours to get my lunch when I came at 12 noon on a working day. Pfffttt...I should have called before I go to book a seat. You should call and book if you come from 12 noon to 2 pm. Otherwise come before 12 noon or after 2 pm.

If you are already at Gapyeong Station (you may read how to go there in here), going to the restaurant by hiring a taxi is the best option IMO.

This is from Naver Map where the distance has been approximately calculated as 3.27 km and this is if you ride the bus. Judging from the distance, I think taking the taxi fairs better. 

From Gapyeong Station to Nami Island is about 2.03 km and by taxi is about 3,000 won.

From Gapyeong Station to Nami-Ok restaurant will be about 5 km so most probably the taxi fare will be double of the price to Nami Island. (Yup...true, been there done that and 6,000 won was the taxi fare when I went there personally).

As you can see from the picture, Dakgalbi is better to be eaten shared with a few of your friends. Eating alone is no fun and the portion is quite big. 

But...if you still have to go alone and walk your way to save the taxi fare, check out the map below. 

First, you have to walk from Gapyeong Station to the bus station in Gapyeong town
for about 686 meters. Take the bus number 1330-3.

Drop off at 비행장 (Bihaengjang) bus stop and walk about 263 meters 
towards the restaurant.

The restaurant is located somewhere at the blue dot in the picture.
Courtesy: Daum Map

Anyway....I just wish I could try this Dakgalbi to review the taste, the service, the price and etc but I just can't as I'm now living in Madrid. Ack! 

맛있게 드십시오!

My Review

A must try!

Halal Dakgalbi is 12,000 won per pax but non-Halal is 10,000 won per pax. If you like it spicy, ask for 2 more scoop of the spicy sauce. I did for my first visit and opted for no additional sauce on my second visit and my verdict: adding more spiciness rocked the wok baby! lol..Okay, well....I love spicy stuff so I am a bit bias there. 

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