Dream Forest 북서울 꿈의 숲

This is one park that you should not missed. Other than Seonyudo Park that I have reviewed before, this place is pretty much worth exploring too. Compared to Seonyudo Park,  Dream Forest is more frequented by family with kids or friends for picnic. The place is just the right place for a picnic or a get together IMO.

I visited this with Feia (again??!! hehehe) back in June 2013 when summer started. 

We had the best Mango ice-cream ever there!! I swear, the ice-cream was the closest ever in taste of mango. You know..mango is highly priced in Korea. A good piece can be about 4,000 won while in Malaysia is about a kilo or two. T_T

This is during summer and it's already this gorgeous. How will it be in my favorite season; autumn? It would be good if you explore this park on a leisure bright sunny afternoon for a picnic with a few friends. Probably on your second or third trip to Korea, meeting up your Korean pal or what not.

Our reason for visiting Dream Forest is nothing else but to check out IRIS - korean drama filming location. I love it when the drama helps integrate and promote Korean beauty to the world. Just like in Dream Forest.

So you can meet your once in a lifetime hero - TOP of BigBang here kekeke...,Lee Byung Hun and the rest of the casts. TOP's stare is just too hot too handle no? Too much lipstick...hahaha.

How to go to Dream Forest 북서울 꿈의 숲?


Take the Seoul subway to Line 6, Dolgoji Station and go out from exit 3. Once you go out, just walk a bit more maybe less than 50 meters and wait at the bus stop for bus number 147, blue bus.

The bus ride is about 5 minutes and you will hear the announcement in the bus 'Dream Forest 북서울 꿈의 숲'.

There will be a two stops with the same name for Dream Forest 북서울 꿈의 숲. I would recommend that you stop at the second announcement. It's nearer to the entrance.

The official website: http://dreamforest.seoul.go.kr (in Korean)
More information in KNTO here.
More pictures in my facebook: zemoneko [at] gmail [dot] com

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