Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Hall

If you ever found Kim Sam Soon's staircase, which is nearby Namsan cable car station, don't forget to visit Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Hall which is situated about 100 meters away from the highest step of Kim Sam Soon's staircase.

Who is Ahn Jung Geun?

The painting behind his statue was drawn by his blood..*kidding!!*
The real painting was drawn by his blood..no kidding this time. ^^

I have no idea initially.

I was drawn by this symbol...nice, but after knowing the whole thing...errr..I might have to rethink. Either way..Ahn Jung Geun was a patriot through and through.

"An Jung-geun or Ahn Jung-geun (September 2, 1879 – March 26, 1910) was a Korean independence activist, nationalist and pan-Asianist.

On October 26, 1909, he assassinated Itō Hirobumi, the first Prime Minister of Japan and then-Japanese Resident-General of Korea, following the signing of the Eulsa Treaty, with Korea on the verge of annexation by Japan." Source: Wikipedia

If you have a Korean friend, try to discuss Ahn Jung Geun. Their reaction will be "Wowww..you are more Korean than me!!" At least, that was the respond that I got from my Korean friend..hehe.

How to go to Ahn Jung Geun Museum?

Follow the direction to Kim Sam Soon's staircase here.

Once you see this statue, turn right.

Just walk about 10 meters and then turn left, you are there.

Admission is FREE.

I was here! In memory of my long lost gloves..T_T

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