Request for Korean Stuff? Last Order by 17th August.

At Cheonggyecheon yesterday, dipping my sore feet.

Ramadan Mubarak everyone!

How's your Ramadan or your day has been going?
For me, Seoul has been very hot (surprisingly hotter than Malaysia!) and fasting has been very challenging plus the day is longer during summer. doesn't mean there's no fun exploring Korea during summer. I still feel that Korea is still amazing and beautiful regardless of any seasons.

Anyway, back to our topic.
I will be back for a week for Eidulfiltri.
In fact, will be going back to Malaysia on the morning of first day of Eidulfitri.

So, anyone would like to order any stuff from Korea?
I will take order latest by 1pm (Korea time) 15th August 2012 and any order after that will be ignored.
Please send me email at zemoneko at gmail dot com.


Another 13 days to go for Ramadan and counting the days to eat Ketupat and Rendang..ngehehe.

With Ayu in front of Cheonggyecheon's entrance.

Are these two kids praying after a hard hot day? ^^
At the fountain, in front of The Great General Lee Sun Sin's statue (Gwanghwamun Square).