How to use BT2K effectively?

BT2K = Budget Travel To Korea.

I just feel the need to let this one out of my chest.

As this blog grows, I have received so much love by the readers and no doubt I am grateful for the attention and appreciation.

However, the swarm of emails and comments with repetitive and similar content are too much for me to handle alone. ^^

Please download the FAQ on the left side of the blog and use the Google custom search on top of Nuffnang advertisement.'s not a scam. It's an honest to goodness search box. Use it to effectively search the answer to your question before resorting to email me.

As I take my precious time to write as much quality posts as possible, do allocate your precious time to read through the blog as well.


P.s. I'm currently preparing for my final exam 14-16th February, wish me luck!