Seoul Plaza Skating Rink

1,000 won??!!

So cheap hence the crowd is humongous T_T. Afri and I passed the skating rink after visiting Doksu Palace (Deoksugung) last week. At the time we were there, the rink was closed for break around 30 minutes after every 1 hour skating session. Seoul Plaza Skating Rink is just right across Doksu palace (Deoksugung) and you may go there by subway for City Hall Station, line 1 (dark blue), Exit 5 or 6.

Official website: Seoul Plaza Skating Rink

Korean teenagers crossing the road with their skating shoes.

Haechi statue for photo spot.

I couldn't really remember the exact temperature but it
fluctuated between -11 to 0 celcius. So far, we rarely
seen snow fall. I felt sorry for my friend. :(

See the bee line? I fared quite bad with roller skating so I think
ice skating would be the same. I don't know..if the crowd is not
that huge, I might skate one day. 

You can either buy the ticket online or from the counter.

Check out this Naver blogger Hyunokmun for more details (in Korean).

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