Mid Term Exam in Sogang University

Just went through mid term Korean language exam for Sogang University this morning for speaking, reading and listening and I am glad that I could nail most of of the questions. Alhamdulillah. I'm not boasting about my ability if you think I am. Will tell in details why I said that in a minute. Tomorrow will be the writing exam which I hate the most and next week will be the interview exam which is the hardest and the most important one. As told by my classmates, mid term exam constitutes 40% of the marks from the course.

Back to the reason why I thought that Level 2 of Sogang University's is easy? Because I have sat for TOPIK beginner and intermediate exam before in 2009 and 2010 respectively and from my perspective Sogang University's Level 2 is harder than TOPIK beginner but easier than TOPIK intermediate. But why am I assigned to level 2 not level 3 or 4? Because my Korean is not fluent and I admit it. ^^ The grammar and vocabulary for level 2 seems like a revision for me and hopefully I could move to level 3 faster where I could explain my ideas and opinion better with longer sentences which means I need the immersion.

With regards to writing class, honestly I failed to catch with the never ending homework but I make it a point to use as much of level 2 grammars in my sentences. That way I could improve my writing. Writing class also made me think of giving up the whole course sometimes but because I have paid this course with my own hard earned money, I don't think I want to fail myself even before trying my hardest, right? ^^

If I manage to step up to level 3, I'm thinking of taking night class next semester where the class is not frequent; only 3 times per week, cheaper, more time for me to concentrate on building more vocabulary and more time for me to travel and update the blog. ^^ Some might say that I might delay my goal to be fluent but I'm trying to take some time off to practise the language with natives rather than repeating mindless conversational passages in class. Hmmm..or I might just drop the writing class and attend the 15 hours regular class instead.

Back to study yo! ^^