How to buy cheap handphone in Korea

I have my IPhone but it's useless here so now it's totally behaving like an ITouch. Arghh..but anyway my IPhone is still usable when there's FREE Wifi signal around. I had been to KT and SK headquarter but they asked me to check with Celcom since my handphone is under contract and it might be locked.

I did check out the handphone around Sinchon or Sogang University but I need to fork out some money even for used handphone, at least 40,000 won. I know I'm stingy so I won't be doing that since I'm not working and have no stable cash flow at the moment.

So my only option is to buy a used handphone. I visited the same shop back in 2009 and it is still there!! Yeay.. The used phone is so many and some are even FREE. My choice? Definitely the free phone.^^

I chose LG plan instead of KT or SK. Just to be different..haha. Min Young uses KT and her mother uses SK.

Used phone - 0 won
Prepaid - 10,000 won (available for 30 days)
Phone cable  - 2,000 won.
Total - 12,000 won.

But...used phone does come with its downside.

Take subway to Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station, 
Exit 5, Line 5 or 4. From Exit 5,  you will see Woori Bank right after 
the exit and turn right. Then walk straight, cross the road  and walk straight
until you see this hand phone shop. 

By the way, I find it interesting that Whatsapp is available when I checked into FREE Olleh or T-Wifi signal while riding the subway. KakaoTalk or Viber is not working though. Whatsapp used to be free for download from Appstore but now is chargeable.

How to recharge prepaid phone in Korea?
It depends on the service either KT, SK or LG. Like mine, I could recharge the prepaid at any shop bearing the LG U+  or LG Uplus sign.