How to Rent a Car in Jeju Island

With Noor and her family.

Discussing the car rental rate.

You need to bargain the rental rate for the best price.

I met Noor, our blog reader when I was leaving Jeju Island while waiting for the bus to Jeju airport. She was with her husband, nephew and niece going to the airport to arrange for a rental car. I am grateful that she is willing to share with us her experience of renting a car in Jeju Island. May Allah bless her and the family.

Hyundai i30

Kia Forte

"Annyeong & Assalamualaikum Zarina,

Sorry cause it took me so long to reply to your request. I hope all went well for you there. Now is definitely extremely cold there. Hope that your study is going well too. Have found a place to stay? Anyhow, I'm writing to share our family experience while driving in Jeju Island.

First, the price was very attractive; RM166++ (about USD50, excluding gas and insurance) for a little bit more than 2 days 2 nights. Initially, we book the Hyundai i30 car but the car was not available so we were offered bigger and nicer car lol new "kia forte" :) .

Well, the route and traffic in Jeju Island was not so bad but it would be better if we had our own GPS as the GPS display/video/output in the car was in Korean. Unless you are good in Korean, everything will be no easy. But I suggest if you intend to drive in Jeju Island, despite understanding Korean or not and with or without owning your own GPS, it is advisable to stay more than 3 days :). The tour spots in Jeju Islands were quite far from each other I mean those nice places, so if you lost your way or missed a turn, that could cost you a lot of time :). At least if you lose your way on the first day, you would have more time to explore on the next day with new route :).

We visited almost 70% of places around the island (They were the places that we wanted to visit so it depends on individual preferences) but some times we arrived too late as the tourist attractions closed very 1 day is not efficient to travel with car due to the distances unless you hire a driver or you knww the route well (shortcut) :).

Returning the car, just drive to the airport, park the car at Parking lot No 5, leave KRW 2000 for the parking fee with the parking ticket and the GPS inside the glove box. Refilled the gas tank to full state for around KRW 35000 before leaving for airport to return the car. :).

Overall, the experience we had in Jeju Island was ultimately unforgettable. We definitely will come again and recommend Jeju Island as a must visit spot to all. Probably if we have the chance to go again, we can drive and visit those places we missed in our first trip and stay a bit longer :) I hope our experience driving in Jeju Island is not too late to be shared for all :p lol ...

Take care and hope to meet again"

My 2 cents.

These are rental cars in Jeju Island. How do I know?
The plate number has symbol 허 attached to it.

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