First snow in Seoul

Last night was super duper cold when I took the bus from Gangnam after Language Cast meet up and I actually wished that the next day it would be snowing. did!! I went out at 7am this morning for class and my limb were so cold which made walking so hard. The wind was harsh around Sogang University and was glad that I wore thicker jacket today.

It was fluffy snow not the heavier one, just drizzling but felt so nice which reminds me of Winter Sonata..hehe. Even my teacher said something about Yon-Sama today (Bae Yeon Jun). But I was dozing off the whole time in class because of last night meet up.

At Sinchon station going to Gangnam station. GMarket is having
a year end Christmas StayG concert with these artists on 21st December. 
Do you see Big Bang?^^ Tickets are available at GMarket.

Doing my homework at Dunkin Donuts, Gangnam 
before the meet up started because outside was too cold!

I was hoping to meet Sun Hyun Woo and the rest of the team from Talk To Me in Korean (TTMIK)  but I was disappointed when Kyoung Hwa told me that their meet up spot is in Hongdae. That is so mean! I should have been to Hongdae instead of Gangnam which took me about 40 minutes T_T to go. The meet up was fine especially talking with like minded people but I hate the crowded and noisy place like that so I'm thinking twice now whether I want to go for the next meet up. It's hard to RSVP the Hongdae meet up cause it's always full but I think I'll just show up uninvited..haha. Hongdae Language Cast meet up is every monday if you want to participate for the event. Let's just wait and see later if I decide to go for Hongdae or Gangnam meet up.

Sun Kyoung Hwa - I met her at the meet up in Gangnam and she
was wearing the same coat as in the picture, so I suppose she shot
the picture for TTMIK on the same day? hehehe..

I decided to cancel the visit to Ewha University as it was real cold yesterday so Min Young, Julia and me killed our time by hanging out around Sinchon area and I bought this gem for 2,000 won at Book Off (Sinchon Station, Line 2, Exit 6). Although I couldn't understand much about it but I could learn much about Korean culture from this piece. I'm so loving this book now!!

"Why did I want to become an adult at that time?"
I guess that is roughly what it means.