First Day in School (Sogang University)

Sogang University is nearest to Daeheng Station, Line 6, Exit 1.

My class for level 2 started today and my sincere opinion is that I want more hours, pleaseeee. The class consists of about 20 students and that's kinda huge. I mean, I want more attention from the teacher. T_T. The time passed by really fast and by the end of the day I was wondering what did I learn? Hmm..okay, maybe it's the first day. Zarina, give it a rest!

As I'm now living in Jakjeon-dong near Incheon, it took me about 1 hour 45 minutes to travel. So far! Crazy right? But I have promised to teach Min Young English, so I will. I walked out at 7am and took the bus to Bupyeong Station. I was supposed to take the express train but there were some problems with the train so I chose to ride the next train. Normally there is a train running every 2 minutes during rush hour but I had to wait about 10 minutes which seems kinda strange in Korea.

From Line 1, I transit to Sindorim Station (Line 2) and then transit to Hapjeong Station (Line 6) to go to Daeheng Station. I reached the class 10 minutes before 9am. Ack!! I should go out earlier tomorrow.

The class was conducted by two teachers in 4 hours for writing (1 hour), speaking (2 hours), reading and listening (1 hour). In between classes, we had 10 and 20 minutes break. There are so many nationalities in my class like Vietnam, Netherland, Australia, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, Japan and etc. Surprisingly there is no Chinese from China. I thought that after class that we might have a little get together but my classmates had other things to do like part time jobs, other classes and stuff. So I could forecast how boring it's gonna be. T_T

By the way, the coffee in campus is really cheap!! I like..hehe as I have no time for proper breakfast so the cafe' will be my fave spot. After we went our separate ways, I accompanied Julia and Alex to Bandi and Lunis bookstore to get their Sogang Workbook and after that submitted the student card application at the Language Administration Center, Arrupe Hall.

There's some time left before the rush hour so I decided to check out Gwanghamun, Insadong and Cheongyecheon stream.^^ I met a quirky painter in Insadong but I will save it for tomorrow, ok? ^^ Off to bed!

Oh..Sogang's vocabulary is too much to remember. Yikes..I'm gonna be dead.

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