Wwoof in Jeju Island - Seonam Farm

Initially I was thinking to do couchsurfing but the couchsurf host did not reply me their contact details which made me switch to wwoofing instead. I paid only for membership registration of 1 year - 50,000 won and did my own host booking online - I saved 30,000 won and the hosts details are on the website once I logged into their database - I saved 10,000 won.

However, I was quite rude to the wwoof host as I did not email him prior to going. It was last minute decision as I had no place to stay and didn't want to stay at jjimjilbang. Basically I didn't want to spend my precious money..hehe.

So I called the host the night before, he was not expecting my sudden request and couldn't refuse it. After checking out of Yeha Guesthouse at around 8am, I went to the next Jeju local bus terminal which was about 5 minute walk away. As the farm was located in Seogwipo-si, I had to ride the bus for about an hour; 3,000 won fare. When I met him, I told him that I will do a week job but actually I shouldn't as he normally only accept wwoofer for a month worth or more. Yikes!! But I was already at the farm. 어쩔 수 없다. ^^

Seonam farm is located about 40 minutes bus ride from Seogwipo city. We stayed in a different house from the hosts and sometimes the hosts would cook for us ^^. The best thing about Seonam farm was we were given 2 or 3 days off after 3 days work. Working time starts from 8am to 5pm.
 Mr Kim separating the tangerines.

The boxes are sent for juice to the factory or retail.

June and an ahjumma picking the tangerines. In the morning the weather
was chilly but approaching noon, it was warm just like in Malaysia.

This is to bring stuff up and down the mountain. If you happened
to hike Halla Mountain, you will see this too.
Tea break; we had banana, rice cake and mango juice.

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