Telecommunication problem in Korea

My intention is to use my Iphone in Korea but the thing is, I had local post paid with Celcom tied with Iphone promotion and is less than 6 months. I had to put a huge RM300 deposit if I want to have roaming facilities. You know that roaming rates will cost me a bomb right? So I decide not to use the card for the remaining 7 months, deactivated the voicemail and pay Celcom RM77 each month for literally no service usage at all! Arghh..I feel so 짜장나! I offered the card to my little bro but he refused it as he wants Blackberry instead. Grrr... the mean time, I had an old Maxis prepaid number and decided to use that number for Korea instead since I knew that it is auto roaming. Ok..I think that will solve my communication problem in Korea. Yeah right!!

Aigoo..aigoo..Initially, I managed to get connected to Incheon Airport Wi-Fi successfully but the signal was pretty weak. I don't mind as long as I could still text/message via Viber/Whatsapp/KakaoTalk to my friends to inform them that I had arrived safely. Who knows that although it has successfully grabbed SKT phone signal but it still fail to grab the Wi-Fi signal from Seoul Metro Subway and I couldn't even send any normal text message or make calls at all from this so called smart phone. Anyone working with Maxis? Please tell me whyyyyy is this happening to me?
This is truly deeply infuriates my soul. 짜장나!!

Min Young said that the subway's free Wi-Fi is for users with local telecommunication data plan. I had bumped into Alleh's website several time whenever I tried to connect to the Wi-Fi and it required ID and password. So seems that my smart phone is not smart enough. Aigoo..aigoo..

So, what choice does that leave me with?

Next to plan B - not that Fugitive Plan B ^^

This is my old Korean phone which I had it for free at one phone shop near Dongdaemun area back in 2009 and just pay for the reload 10,000 won. It was pretty easy to purchase it. The shop just needed my passport and I was immediately given an access to the line. By the way, the phone charger is pretty standard (which I lost it) for 3,000 won.

I went to the nearest phone shop in Seogwipo, Jeju Island and they told me that the number of this phone has been deactivated. The number is currently used by another foreigner. Nice...

Nothing much that I can do now other than subscribing the local data plan which I think I can't apply yet until I have my ARC (Alien Registration Card). As of now, I have to make do with public phones, skype or with much embarassment, just ask the Korean person seating next to me for his phone to call/text my friends. Hehehe..yeap..some people will hesitate for a while before doing it but not me. Just say...jogiyo..저기요 with a sincere smile