Wwoof Korea Membership Fee

Those who are interested to do Wwoof (Willing Workers of Organic Farm) in Korea, you may notice the changes in processing fee (Thanks to Jaja for the tip! ^^)

Courtesy: Wwoof Korea

Here is my correspondent with Wwoof Korea.

Hi Wwoof Officer,

I have registered for Wwoof on 2009 for 50,000 won inclusive of the host list book and host connection service.

Just would like to clarify based on the current information in Wwoof Korea website that now we need to pay 95,000 won in total?


And their reply

Dear Jani Zarina,

Thank you so much for your interest in WWOOF Korea!

We, WWOOF Korea have around 53 farms on the listing and farms are scattered around the country. Tasks can be varied depending on farms and seasons.

Once you pay the registration fee, we will send you ID and PASSWORD so that you can check all of hosts information on our website.

If you need a book, pay $15 more.
I will send a membership book to you once you make a payment.
I believe that you will be able to receive the book within two weeks.

WWOOF generally do it by WWOOFers.
WWOOFers make their schedule and contact the hosts so we recently have changed the system.
Feel free to ask me if you have a more questions,

Warm regards,