The need to study Korean

It's already mid of Ramadhan and what have I done lately?

Other than improving myself and doing the best in this holy month; I could not forget learning Korean. Every week, together with my Conversation Exchange partner we scored each other language weaknesses. I promise to meet up with Yong Soo 선생님 once a week to discuss what we have studied and what area we need to improve. It turned out to be fruitful! Just because I have a person to talk to so it made a whole lot of difference. Sometimes what I said will be quite weird to his ears cause I did direct translation from English..haha.

Of course I itched to join Korean classes!!  I have to calm myself down though for about 2 months or so before I can sweat out totally in Sogang University. Teehee..

When I told him that I applied for Sogang University, he was baffled. Why Sogang? He hailed from Korea University which is among the top three best universities in Korea. SKY - Seoul University, Korea University and Yonsei University. Here I am, all the while thinking that Seoul and Korea are the same university!! ^^; Apparently, they are not.

Korean parents feel proud if their children successfully enter those SKY universities regardless of major. My teacher studied French but after graduating he became a network engineer. How odd, right? He said, as long as you enter the best universities you could find great jobs from great companies, namely the giants alike - Samsung, Hyundai, LG.

This was his first time trying Malaysian food after three months staying here!

We discussed a lot about the academic expectation from Korean society's view which I am deeply curious since I set my foot in Seoul. I have met a lot of students in their winter school uniform coming home quite late almost every night, about 10 or 11pm while I was taking a night stroll. I wonder why Korean students are still in school at this hour? If I remember it right, I would have been on my bed already back in my school days.

By the way, I checked with Sogang University which level will I be placed when the semester starts in December. They gonna make an oral test to check my conversation level in mid November once the schedule is out. I told them that I have taken TOPIK exam but they told me that my Korean fluency will determine my level instead of the TOPIK score which has no oral test at all. Yikes!! I have to practise speaking a lot now.