Korean Grammar Dictionary

I'm glad I found you..oh my Korean Grammar Dictionary

How do I found thee?

It was in the wee hour when I listened to TTMIK Iyagi about Couple-Tshirts in Korea. Choi Kyong Eun; one of TTMIK(Talk To Me in Korea) teachers was saying..lalala "입을 때만 해도".

What does that mean? Thanks for being my Capricorn self, my curiousity is always at it peaks. Immediately I 'Naver'ed and 'Google'd it with keyword search '때만 해도 grammar' and wallah..I found this website! Sweet right? ^^

It is truly a simple site. Honest. I love it's simplicity, straight forward approach of explaining Korean grammar.

The explanation and sentence sample. That's it.

Happy Learning Korean!!

Couple shoes anyone?