Incheon Airport to Seoul Station by AREX

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Now, with the completion of the second phase of AREX from Gimpo Airport straight to Seoul Station, the travel time from Incheon Airport to city center is further reduced by 15~20 minutes. Check out my post - Seoul Subway Fare Calculation By Naver. Previously, you need around 93 minutes to Myeongdong and with a few transfers but now it takes about  72 minutes and only one transfer. ^^
"AREX, spelled A'REX as a brand name, is a South Korean railway line that links Seoul with Gimpo Airport and Incheon International Airport. The extension to Seoul Station opened December 29, 2010." - Source: Wikipedia

I wanna thanks Fraulein for her query, if not I will not realize this important fact.

How to go to Incheon Airport to Jongno-3-ga subway Station?

인천국제공항 - Incheon gukje gonghang - Incheon International Airport
서울역 - Seoul Yeok - Seoul Station
종로3가 - Jongno Sam ga - Jongno 3 ga
Duration: 1 hour  14 minutes
Station stops: 11
Distance: 60.9km
T-Money: 3,700 won
Cash: 3,800 won.
How much will it be if you take the limousine bus from Incheon Airport to Jongno?
13,000 ~ 14,000 won.
Saving: 13,000 ~14,000 - 3,800 =  9,200 10,200 won (Kaching!!) ^^

There are 2 type of AREX services:

From Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport
Express - 28 minutes
Commuter - 33 minutes

From Incheon Airport to Seoul Station
Express - 43 minutes (run every half an hour) - 13,300 won
Commuter - 53 minutes (run every 6 minutes) - 3,700 won

Comparison with other mode of transportation
Airport Limousine Bus - 70 minutes-10,000~14,000 won
Taxi - 60 minutes - 60,000~70,000 won
Private car - 60 minutes-15,000~16,000 won

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