About Me and This Blog

I don't want people to get any misconception or mislead anybody.

I need to clear the air here.

I am NOW in Malaysia.

I am NOT in Korea.

However, I have been traveling in Korea for 6 months from September 2009 to May 2010, partly alone and partly with a few friends (Malaysian/Korean) - WWOOFing and doing stuff..

I am preparing myself for KOREAN TOPIK EXAM (Intermediate level) which will be on 17th April 2011 (Sunday). I know it's still far ahead but I don't know who can master a language in a day, right? If you can, raise up your hands!! err..or mouse/mice? Hehehe..

So, in the meantime, I'm limiting a post per week in this blog. I'm gonna hybernate for a while.

By all means, if you have any doubt/questions/curiousity, shoot me an email at zemoneko@gmail.com.

yours truly,