New Year Celebration at Jonggak

If you are in Seoul now, you might want to be in Jonggak to join the crowd for new year's eve celebration or either do any of the activities for year end suggested by KNTO.

Be warned: The weather is icy cold and you gonna be oppressed, hemmed and crushed by the crowd!

"On every New Year's Day, the bell ceremony (Jeyaeui Jong Tajongsik) is held at Boshingak, the nearby bell pavilion. (The name of the station comes from this pavilion, jong meaning bell and gak pavilion.) At those times the area is so crowded with tens of thousands of Seoulites that trains do not stop at Jonggak as to avoid any accidents." - Source: Wikipedia

Stop at Line1 - Jongno 3-ga or City Hall subway station instead to avoid the crowd.

"Bosingak 보신각 is a large bell pavilion on Jongno in Seoul, South Korea. The bell in Bosingak gives Jongno its name, which literally means "bell street." It was originally constructed in 1396 but destroyed many times by both war and fire. It was designated Bosingak by Emperor Gojong in 1895." - Resource: Wikipedia

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia

Bosingak Bell is at Jonggak Subway Station exit 4, across
Jongno Tower

Video courtesy: bmxissofun

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I would like to wish everyone Happy New Year!!
Be happy, healthy, generous and live a blessed life for the coming year. ^^

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