Wolhwawon at Suwon

I wish that this park has more maple and gingko trees. The sight would
be more breathtaking.

Hanim, Mi Hyeon onni and Min Young as the tourist guide. They are the best!

Fiza with the mother statue.

Wolhwawon is a Chinese traditional garden located at Hyoseong Park at Suwon.
Wolhwawon was built by a friendship alliance between two cities, Gyeonggi-do in Korea and Gwangdungseong in China, which agreed that these two cities would build their traditional gardens in each others cities.

How to go:
From Myeongdong to Suwon: By Subway

1 hour 8 minutes, 25 stops, 41.4km
1,600 won with T-money, 1,700 won with cash
Transit at Gemjeong subway station

From Suwon to Wolhwawon : By Bus
From Suwon station: 2-1,82,83,92,92-1
From Yeongtong 2-1
From Northgate :98
Get off at Newcore outlet(Dongsuwon)

By Car
Suwon(Singal) IC- take a left toward Suwon and go straight for 4 km- take right at the intersection in front of the court- go straight for 300m until East Suwon IC- go straight toward Suji-Take high-level road and go straight for 1.5 km- take a right at the intersection of Newcore oulet

Opening hours: 9:00~18:00 throughout the year
Check out GyeongGi-Do for more information.

Pictures courtesy of Iris, Fiza, Hanim and Nyna.

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Unknown said…
omo!!! nomu yeppuda.. u always know how to capture the beauty of a place, onni. :)
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Nurul,
Unfortunately it was taken by my friends - Iris, Fiza, Hanim and Marina. Thanks to them! ^^
Fuza said…
Hi Zarina,

Dari Myeongdong ke Suwon by Subway.. then from Suwon Station.. how do I go to Suwon Fortress?

Do I have to cab or bus?

Atau bole jalan kaki je to get there?

Thanks in advance.
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Fuza,

Check my post for Suwon/Hwaseong Fortress

you can walk from suwon station to the fortress for about 20 minutes


you could take a bus/taxi
check out this link