Korean Rice Cake

Another food that I really miss, a lot!! I was surprised when I found Korean rice cake sold right in front of Cold Storage at The Gardens, Midvalley. I'm not sure whether they still sell it now though. A beautiful box of Korean rice cake sold for MYR10.

In Korea, if you pass by a store like this, you can buy a portion for 2,000 to 3,000 won depending on the type of rice cake. I particularly prefer Songpyeon.

Korean rice cake house / shop = 떡 집

My favourite songpyeon. Can someone buy me some from Korea? 
I miss eating this so much.

Inside songpyeon - brown sugar, sesame seed

You can buy Korean rice cake at underground store near the subway station 
for 1,000 won. The cheapest I could get. 

This picture was taken around Suwon Market after my friends
visited Hwaseong Fortress with Mi Hyeon Onni and Min Young. 
Before closing the shop the rice cake are sold cheaply. 3 packet 
for 5,000 won. 

At some larger Korean rice cake shop, you could order it as 
a set of gift. Korean give out rice cake at almost every occasion.
For example when a newly wedded couple move into their new
house, they will give rice cake to the neighbors.

I love 쑥갠떡. The green one. It is made from mugwort. 
Mugwort is beneficial for treating stomach and intestinal disorders. 
Source: Great home remedies

Pretty one for gift set.

Check out Tteok Museum for more information.
Source: KNTO